Terms of Service

As a nonprofit choosing to participate and collaborate as a benefitting partner of Nevada’s Big Give, you are required to acknowledge and agree to the terms within this Memorandum of Understanding with United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN) which sets forth the services and duties in order to participate in Nevada’s Big Give and roles and responsibilities of all participants.

  1. I confirm that my organization is a 501(c)3 organization, church or religious organization, or public school affiliated with a 501(c)3 foundation eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts.
  2. I confirm that my organization conducts operations in and/or provides services to residents of Nevada.
  3. I understand that my Organization is encouraged to focus the majority of its overall marketing efforts in the weeks immediately leading up to Nevada’s Big Give on March 21, 2019 to create a sense of statewide excitement among donors, volunteers, media partners and fellow nonprofits.
  4. I understand that UWSN is not responsible for the amount of money contributed to my Organization over the course of the event and understand that donors choose where to place their gifts and that United Way of Southern Nevada has no control of this process.
  5. I confirm that my organization has a website or Facebook page and that we will add the Nevada's Big Give link to one or both.
  6. I understand that my Organization's staff, board of directors, volunteers, and donors should promote Nevada’s Big Give over the course of the 24 hour event using social media and I will develop and share with them a protocol and tools to support such promotion.
  7. I understand that only donations made through the Nevada's Big Give portal will count towards any prizes and incentives offered as part of the 24 hour event.
  8. I understand that UWSN reserves the right to review any overall prize or match dollars awarded to organizations in case of discrepancy.
  9. I understand that my Organization will receive all the monies that have been donated to my Organization less any GiveGab and credit card transaction fees not covered by the individual donor (Transaction Fees).
  10. I understand that to maintain the tax deductiblilty of gifts given through Nevada's Big Give, my Organization may not offer an incentive plan to donors.
  11. I understand that GiveGab.com is the online platform that will be utilized to process all contributions made to the event.
  12. I understand that all donations will be disbursed within 3 business days via electronic funds transfer, minus Transaction Fees. I understand that if my Organization does not provide routing information for automatic transfer, my Organization will not be able to participate
  13. I understand that as the presenting organization, UWSN will serve as the fundraiser of record and distribute tax receipts from Nevada’s Big Give on behalf of my Organization. Their logo and employee identification number (EIN) will appear on this receipt. UWSN will not deduct an administrative fee from these donations. My Organization will, to the best of our ability, communicate this message to donors.